Colorant & Stains



Water-Based Color Paste is specially designed for tinting on waterborne latex paint. The product is filled with rich and abundant colors.

Recommend Uses

  • Color tinting paste for waterborne latex paint.


  • Depending on the color palette requirements.


  • Hydrophilic. No chemical rejections.
  • Rich and abundant color with various color selections.
  • Excellent dispersion.

Technical Data

Available Sheen Flat
Density 1 kg/L
Viscosity <500 m.Pas at 25°C
Available Size 50cc, 250cc, 500cc, 1 Gallon
Shelf Life 24 months unopened condition
501 Sunset Red
502 Ivory
503 Narcissus Yellow
504 Purple
505 Orange
506 Red
507 Beige
508 Lake Green
509 Lime Green
510 Green
511 Blue
512 Black
513 Yellow
516 Orchid White
517 Rose White
518 Granny White
519 Lily White
522 Barley White
523 Lanling White


  • Product must be completely agitated (manually) before use.
  • Intermix containers of same product to ensure color and seen uniformity.
  • Dilution is no needed.


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